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The United States Probation Office for the Middle District of North Carolina is a public agency within the federal judiciary established to meet specific court and community needs. The general mission of the probation office is to perform the duties described under Rule 32 (c) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Title 18 United State Code, Chapters 207, 227 and 229. These citations charge the probation office with a number of specific functions, including providing the U.S. District Court, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and U.S. Parole Commission with investigative reports concerning the conduct and condition of defendants and offenders under the jurisdiction of these authorities. The agency is also charged with the supervision of individuals released on bond or placed on probation by the court, and those released on supervised release, parole, special parole, mandatory release, and military parole; to verify compliance with all conditions of release or community supervision imposed; to ensure protection of the public; and to provide offenders with correctional treatment in the most effective manner.

The goal of the probation office is to achieve its mission by recruiting the best available employees who adhere to performance standards of excellence and act with professionalism and dignity, and that this staff be provided with a safe and harmonious working environment conducive to optimum personal and professional development.

It is the policy of the probation office that its personnel standards and procedures conform to guidelines established by the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.